Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Taking Possession

"...take possession of the land the LORD Your God is giving you for your own." Joshua 1:11b

The Promised Land is a place of spiritual rest and victory that can be enjoyed by every believer. We are brought out of the bondage of/to sin, that we might be delivered or brought into abundant life in Christ. "The wilderness is never God's permanent destination for us," says David Guzik, though many choose to stay there for fear of change or because bondage is what they know and it's comfortable.

Rest and victory are not just handed over, however. They come as the result of a battle won. Guzik goes on to say, "Because taking the land took effort, the challenge ahead was not for those content with Egypt, but for those who would press ahead for what God called them to." So you see, we can have all the spiritual rest and victory we want to take, but the amount we possess is totally up to our willingness and desire to persevere and get it!

Thank You Lord Jesus for giving me the determination to fight for, and take possession of, my Promised Land! In Your name I pray, amen.

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