Saturday, January 1, 2011

With Gratitude & Anticipation

Happy New Year from the Mattox Family!

Looking back on 2010 swells my heart with so much gratitude. Looking forward to this new year stirs great anticipation!

Lord Jesus, I have learned so much through the pain and the joy of these past few years. You have shown Yourself to me in so many ways...

You sustained.
You sheltered.
You cleansed.
You pruned.
You answered.
You guided.
You lavished.
You provided.
You taught.
You blessed.
You healed.
You restored.
You strengthened.
You matured.
You sent help.
You opened doors.
You made a way.
You conquered.
You gave courage.
You granted peace.

Thank You doesn't begin to express all that I feel in my heart toward You God. Lord Jesus, You are good! In Jesus' name, You are good!

How has our Lord shown Himself to you? 

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