Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Be Careful Little Eyes...

"Your eye is a lamp that provides light for your body. When your eye is good, your whole body is filled with light. But when it is bad, your body is filled with darkness." Luke 11:34 (NLT)

This children's song comes to mind immediately: "Oh be careful little eyes what you see. Oh be careful little eyes what you see. For the Father up above is looking down in love, oh be careful little eyes what you see." It goes on to talk about your ears and what they hear, and so on.

What I take in with my eyes (and ears) gets stuck in my head, for the good or the bad, and affects my heart. My heart influences my actions and eventually determines my steps. When my eyes and ears are fixed on that which is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy (Philippians 4:8), my body will be full of light. The kind of light that only comes from intentionally choosing things that are good and pleasing in God's sight.

But when the eyes and ears take in that which is bad or things in opposition to God's Word above, the body will be full of darkness - dark things that displease the Father. A list of things in opposition would include: lies, deception, things undignified; following the world's ways vs. God's ways; exposure to things immodest, indecent, vulgar or obscene; dabbling in the demonic; taking in media or lyrics, or participating in bahaviors, that are offensive, repulsive or shameful; settling for second-rate vs. God's best. Anything dishonorable in God's eyes that would embarass the Holy Spirit within me should be avoided like the plague because it brings darkness.

Every dark or displeasing thing I compromise on and take in either in an active and participating way, or passively as a bystander, gives the enemy a foot in the door to my life. Given enough, he will wreak havoc on my mind, my heart, my emotions, my relationships... he'll do whatever he can to extinguish the Light. I must be on guard and choose the narrow path that leads to light and life vs. the wide path that leads to destruction.

I want my body to be clean and pure and presentable in God's sight. The Holy Spirit within me is exposed to everything I take in with my eyes and my ears, and to every word that comes out of my mouth. I must take inventory of my life often and consider, are my choices pleasing Him? Are yours?

Father God, help me to keep my eyes fixed on You and my ears attuned to Your voice. Continue to give me discernment - and help me to keep impressing it on my children - in making movie, TV, music, book, media and relationship choices that are pleasing in Your sight, that we might be full of light, reflecting your Light to those around us. In Jesus' name, amen.

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