Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Great Grandmother

After a week of being out of touch with blogging I am back today. Our family has experienced the death of two family members in the span of five days. An aunt in Kentucky and my husband's 98-year old grandmother here. In her honor, and as a proud mommy, today I am posting Emily's reflections of the incredible, godly woman we lovingly called "Grandmother" as shared during the service yesterday...

My Great Grandmother

My Great Grandmother was an awesome and wonderful Grandmother!! She was super thoughtful and we made so many memories together. She was a great Christian example to me.
Every time I went to see her she gave me a very loving hug, and said, “You have grown a little bit since the last time I saw you.” She often gave me a little present saying... “I thought you might like to have this.”  It made me feel so special.
I am thankful for many sweet memories. Since I was little my family helped put up Grandmother’s Christmas tree. I got to help decorate it and sometimes my daddy would lift me up and let me put the angel on top! It always made her so happy.  So did big family get-togethers. She loved her family!
When she got older and started using a wheelchair she used to give me rides in her lap. That was fun! Grandmother also just loved it when we brought her McDonald’s. She always liked to eat the same thing... a cheeseburger, coke and apple pie!
The most important thing about my Grandmother was that she loved Jesus. She was still going to Bible study and church every time she could at 98 years old, and she was the oldest member of First Baptist. I thought that was really cool! Grandmother prayed a lot. I prayed for her and I know she prayed for me. She probably has prayed for you too.
I truly loved her and will miss her so much.

Emily Mattox
May 8, 2011

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  1. That was so sweet...what a gift to have to remember her by! That Emily just may have her Mama's gift of writing :)