Saturday, April 16, 2011

Godly Success

"In everything he did he had great success, because the LORD was with him." Psalm 18:14

What makes one successful in the Lord? We know that the world measures success by money, fame and fortune, but not God. This passage refers to David's success, and Saul's fear of him, "because the Lord was with him."

Some versions replace "success" with "behaving wisely in all his ways". Here David has had spears thrown at him, been put out of the palace, faced powerful and determined enemies, but God... 

But even in the midst of awful circumstances, the Lord was with him. In so being, David chose to behave wisely because he was walking according to the Lord's will and His standards, not the world's. Saul was afraid of him because he had a different mode of operation. Saul had wisdom about things of the world like how to throw spears. David's knowledge however, came from the Lord. He trusted in the Lord, not the sword or the spear. This Godly wisdom may have seemed foolish to Saul, but yet he knew it was real and was therefore afraid.

Where does your knowledge come from? In whom or what are you placing your trust, especially in difficult situations? Are you a success by the world's standards, or the Lord's?

Lord Jesus,  I know that I must walk with You in order to gain godly wisdom. Your Word says that those who walk with the wise will become wise, and You are the wisest One I know. Help me Lord to grow in godly wisdom as I walk with You each day. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

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