Saturday, August 3, 2013

Under God's Blessing

"And Abraham said to God, 'If only Ishmael might live under Your blessing!'"
Genesis 17:18

Abraham has just received the news from God that his wife Sarai's name is to be changed to "Sarah" which means princess. He is reminded of God's promise that she will bear him a son, and he is to be called "Isaac" meaning laughter. At this, Abraham fell facedown and laughed because Sarah was 90 years old. While he believed God he didn't want Ishmael, his son by Hagaii, to be overlooked. So while he had the Lord's undivided attention, he asked that Ishmael might live under His blessing too. And the Lord agreed.

As a parent, it is my God-given duty to pray for my children just Abraham did for his. To pray they too would live under God's blessing...

     - walking in grace before Him with an upright heart
     - keeping His commands
     - spiritually blessed

Father God, I'm not always as faithful to pray as I'd like to be for such things. I often feel I pray the same things over and over for my family. I ask You to give me wisdom, insight and understanding so that I can pray more specifically for what's going on in my children's hearts. I pray my children would love You like crazy and serve You with their lives. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

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