Sunday, November 10, 2013

Eyes Wide Open

'"But what about you?" He asked. "Who do you say I am?"' Luke 9:20

After drawing away to pray privately with His disciples, Jesus asked them who they would say He was. Peter answered correctly in saying He was "the God of Christ." Jesus just didn't want this made public yet because it was not the proper time. Word was not to get out until after His death, burial and resurrection.

This passage prompts me to ask myself, "Who do I say Christ is today?" What characteristics of Christ am I learning right now in this season of life? Over my twenty-five years of being a believer I have come to see so many facets of my Savior's character. Many, many times I've learned the most about Him in the throws of life's difficult trials. Because He walked with me, I could persevere through them with hope.

In one of the most trying times, the Lord taught me to look for Him and discover the blessings that lined each difficult day. He taught me to express gratitude for them as I saw His hand at work. It was in that period of time that I learned to praise Him for who He is and how He was working and providing, even when I didn't feel like it. I learned how important it was to praise Him out of obedience to His Word, even if it meant doing it without emotion in a monotone voice. And in so doing, I found it enabled me to fix my eyes more on my Savior and less on my situation.

In that season I saw God as: Sustainer, Provider, Daily Bread, Able and my Hiding Place.

So today, on this Saturday morning as I sit in the quiet of the woods by a smoldering camp fire, who do I say that He is? In this particular season, I am trying to wrap my mind around God's sovereignty when it comes to a tough social justice issue. I am asking Him as God who is Just to bring justice and salvation to human traffickers who are oppressing the innocent. That He would restrain their hands and prevent further abuse. As Rescuer, to rescue victims in bondage. As God who orchestrates my life and directs my steps, to show me how to make a difference. 

In this season I see God as: Sovereign, Just, Protector, Rescuer and the One who orders my steps.

Father God, it is good to ask myself regularly who I think You are. To examine my life and be intentional about finding You. To think on what You've been teaching me about Yourself, and to acknowledge what I'm learning. You are my Savior and so much more. You constantly teach me about Yourself. I must be willing to take time to reflect and take it in. I will never know You fully this side of heaven, but I always want to know You more. Help me to keep my eyes wide open that I might see Your hand each day and reflect on who You are. In Jesus' name, amen.

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