Monday, June 30, 2014

Balancing the Scales

"Make us glad for as many days as you have afflicted us, 
for as many years as we have seen trouble."
Psalm 90:15

It is believed that Moses was the author of Psalm 90, the oldest Psalm in the book. The days of affliction in Moses' life and those of his fellow Israelites in the wilderness had been many. They had endured trouble and captivity for seventy years. Here we find him pleading with the LORD to "balance the scales" so to speak. For as many days as there had been grief and misery he was asking for joyful days in return. For as many years as they had seen great sorrow, trials, affliction and unrest, he was pleading with God to repay them with peace and prosperity. He was asking for God's favor to rest upon them (v. 17). 

Having seen years of captivity, trouble and affliction in my own life I find such joy in this verse. Joy that hopes in the goodness of God. Even in the midst of extreme difficulties God has shown me the silver lining on more than one occasion. He has been my peace in the midst of deep pain, my strong tower in times of trouble. May His hand of favor rest upon my own future. May He bring an increase of peace and prosperity, increase in my marriage and ministry, increase in my faith and my friendships. 

As Charles Spurgeon expounds on this verse he says, "If we have fierce afflictions we may look for overflowing delights, and our faith may boldly ask for them. God who is great in justice when He chastens will not be little in mercy when He blesses, He will be great through and through: let us appeal to Him with unstaggering faith."

Father God, You are Faithful, Good, Able and True. Thank You for delivering me from the painful trials in my life. Thank You for Your faithfulness in affliction. God, I ask You to grant increased favor, peace and prosperity in return for all those years of trouble. May Your hand of favor rest upon me and my family. Balance the scales I pray. Establish the work of our hands that we might walk in obedience to You. Oh, that You would bless us in Jesus' name, amen.

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